Just as I promised - tutorial about painting lips. I was a bit afraid while painting that because I always felt that I can't paint convincing lips. I also wanted this picture to be pretty quick - who would want to paint lips for hours? It wouldn't be a very practical tutorial... So what you get is some simple, quick tutorial for lips painting, I guess I can give you a few tips about that :)

If you have any questions - go ahead and ask!

Before I started painting I sketched out some simple lips drawings. I had to pick one position for the tutorial. Shape itself isn't all that complicated and we should all know it very well - we most often look at person't lips during the conversation ;) After a bit of sketching I picked the simplest possible angle (that means no angle at all) and started painting. If it's not the shape that's problematic (and something surely is, since I never paint them right) then I'll have to look deeper...

I add first colors, picking warm ones mostly. Skin, even if pale, should have more pinks and oranges than anything else. If not, it looks dirty (too much brown) or strangely red (when you use too much pink). It's good to use many colors to make drawing more interesting (but please, green is a big no no unless you paint some fantasy creature or light on the picture is meant to be very... extraordinary). In this phase I just pick colors and put them on with big, round, soft brush. I try to get some convex shape from those first shadows and lights.

Lips Lips Lips

What shapes the drawing is contrast. When I added dark line splitting the lips, some highlights and shadows for outer parts everything started to look promising. In the next step I refine the shape, because I lost symmetry somewhere.. ^^' I also add some more reds and soften the darkest shadows. Finally the time has come for detail and on the separate layer I add dark and light dots which are supposed to imitate skin pores and light reflecting from the skin surface.

Lips Lips Lips

Then I give some attention to those lights on the lips. I refine highlights on the bottom lip to give them hard edges and I add some more light to the upper part (on the edge). Light should reflect from the bottom part of the lips and light that edge, at least this happens with full lips. I also add some light lines which are supposed to give that chapped look (don't try to hard or them will look hurt). Those lines shouldn't extend to the lips edge.

Finally I select everything, copy layers merged and paste that on top of everything else. I then change mode of that new layer to see if I can squeeze something more from this drawing. I decided to stay with overlay mode, to enhance colors and contrasts. I also lower the opacity of this layer.

Lips Lips Lips

And that's it. Below you can see it finished and with another effect applied (yes, with layer modes) :)