When I finished preparing this tutorial and I realized how short it is, I was pretty scared at the beginning, that I forgot about something etc. but I guess the shorter the better. It's just that skin texture is not very complicated if you just remember few simple rules you should follow :) I'll try to point them all out in this tutorial.

Well, enjoy the read and explanation, if you have any questions - feel free to ask :3

I kind of didn't want to draw another portrait so I'll just use the one I've made before to show you how to paint skin. Let's take Ada (how she was painted you can see here). I just removed the skin texture layer and here we go, perfect model for practice :D On the first picture you can see what I start from, on the second you can see a brush I'll be using (how to make one like that yourself you can read here). It might be important to say, that this is a soft brush and with opacity control so that everything blends in nicely. We don't want this skin texture to be too much visible, it should be delicate, subtle (at least now we want it like this). Usually at this moment I write that I add some dots and that's it, magically you have a skin. But not this time. I'll show you everything, step by step. So what you can see on the third picture: I pick the lightest part of the face (forehead for example here) and pick color from there. I don't want my dots to be very visible so I choose a color a bit darker than this one, change opacity of my brush to 30% and then add dots. You can see the effect on the third picture. Veeeeery subtle. And that's exactly what I wanted ;)

Skin Skin Skin

Over the very bright cheek the skin is a bit darker. We'd like to pick another color, but for now let's treat the border between those two areas with the same brush, but with slightly higher opacity. 50% is too much? Then lower it a bit. Every picture is painted differently. Just one thing to remember - we are drawing with everything zoomed in for now and we really don't want those spots to be too visible when we are zoomed out again. Let them be delicate. You can always duplicate the whole layer if you really want to have them more intense.

Then I finally pick the "a bit darker" version for this a bit darker area and add dots again. As you can see this repeats for the areas with similar light and color - I pick a slightly darker color and add dots, very delicately. And there should be many of them and small - those are supposed to be pores, not freckles ;) I painted arrows to point out where I added new dots, two colors near the arrows are base color and color I picked for dots. One more thing to note is that we should not pick dull colors as this might make the skin look dirty :c

Skin Skin Skin

When whole face is covered with pores (ok, with dots, that are supposed to imitate them) and from far away everything looks nice (if not, pick the eraser and erase, for the other way around duplicate the layer or make opacity higher), I move on to light. Some parts of the face like to be shiny - nose, forehead just above the eyebrows, upper part of cheeks, chin, line just above the lips, depends on the situation. I pick some light color, here I just picked white, and I add some small dots to those places. It should be quite dense covering, so that from far away they look like fuzzy smudges. For the final touch I add some random spots (bigger ones) with a standard, round, soft brush. Some moles, spots and so on. You can see the final effect on the last picture.

Skin Skin Skin

Now to sum this up:

- color of the dots depends on the area which you are working on, - do not forget about the light, skin-texture tends to darken the whole face so you have to somehow compensate, - check often how it looks from far away, - be delicate ;)

If something still goes wrong, is unclear, you don't understand my poor explanations, scream and beg, I'll try to help. It's not like you just draw some dots and it's done and it's perfect. You have to think a little, try things out, check if it looks good or not yet. After every step face should look pretty much okay.

That's it, good luck! :)