You can find here only tutorials and tips about digital painting – that’s the goal of this site. Every single drawing is made using Photoshop, because I don’t use any other software for painting. I’ll try to post notes explaining how my paintings were made but I also plan to show some tips and tricks for Photoshop, which may help those who feel unfamiliar with this software.

I’m not an expert, no, no, no! I draw only because I like it, no one pays me for it, no one teaches me, I learn and evolve my skills alone (or at least I try to evolve them, huh…). If it comes to learning – for me, when I was really a beginner in all this, examples were what helped me best. That’s were the idea came from – to show those who are curious or want to learn how my works are made. Maybe somebody will find it useful.

I wish that all who read this and plan to use those tutorials of mine to point out all the mistakes I make and tell me if something remains unclear. Saying that you learned something from me would also make me feel delighted, asking questions and suggesting next tutorial is all more than welcome.

And I guess that’s all for the prologue… ;)
Enjoy your stay!