Hmm... What should I... Well, to tell the truth, I don't really know what should I say about myself. I'm a self-taught digital painter, I owned tablet (wacom bamboo) for a long time now, but haven’t been able to use it much before. It’s hard to even say I painted around a year ago, because finishing one picture (ugly, on top of that) took me several months… It was after some very frustrating finals that I just sat and began painting to release the stress and here ya go – I actually painted something decent in a few hours. Next day brought another picture and another and… I startet to draw faster and that gave me a chance to actually finish something without getting bored in the middle of the work. Well, before it was kind of demotivational to look at the same thing for several months when it still looks really bad ;D

Putting drawing aside, which is actually my hobby and nothing more, I am a student at Wroclaw University – studying Physics and Computer science. Yes, I’m a busy-body ;P Apart from that I’m interested in… oh my, in many things! Japanese language (for which i never have enough time…), handmade jewelry (you can see some examples here:, writing (sorry, only in Polish) and music (I’m learning to play violin, my childhood dream finally comes true…!). Well, that list changes often, but those few things seem to be quite constant so I decided to write them down.

I guess that’s enough ;)
If you feel like contacting me, you can write e-mail here: